Everyone needs an Amy!

Amy Johnson is an Integrator with 20+ years helping business and individuals improve well-being and make things happen.

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What is an Integrator?

An integrator helps clients integrate their deeper values and greater aspirations into every element of their lives, whether one is launching a business or has a creative project to bring to reality.

The result is satisfaction, success and fulfillment. The benefit is effortless, effective efficiency and more space in both one’s professional and personal life. 

Amy brings executive level “best practices” to her unique, systems approach to problem-solving and upleveling one’s quality of life. 

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Who needs an Integrator?

  • I feel excited. I have a new business idea and don't know where to start. 

  • I feel enthusiastic. I want to ignite my business and take it to the next level.

  • I feel ready. I want to finally start “that project” that I’ve been putting off. 

  • I feel motivated. I want to start a business with a partner and I want to do it responsibly. 

  • I feel overwhelmed. My life feels like a game of whack-a-mole, and I need help. 

  • I feel scattered. I have started a new business but unclear on next steps to meet my goals.

  • I feel confused. I'm in a personal/professional transition and want clarity about… everything.

  • I feel unsatisfied. My work/business don't match my values and I want to do it differently.

  • I feel concerned. I want to live more sustainably to protect the planet and its inhabitants. 

How It Works

Three steps to relief



Get your priorities clear. 



Develop an individual plan of action.



Experience total integration and calm.

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Clients & Collaborations


Amy has exceptional intuition and vision to help you bring your ephemeral ideas into a reality. She is collaborative and acutely aware of how to set up a system that has intention and values in whatever capacity you need.
— Amber Valletta, Supermodel and Entrepreneur

With Amy I got peace of mind. With five kids and a full time job, my life is blessed but cluttered in every way. Amy gave me the tools and resources to have lasting equanimity throughout my my personal and professional life.
— Rabbi Sherre Hirsch (sherrehirsch.com)

In 2018 my business grossed 10x the previous year. This kind of growth would never have been possible without Amy’s incredible guidance.
— Becca Braren, Founder of Signals & Noise Agency (signalsandnoiseagency.com)

Amy has an extraordinary way of realigning people, places ,and situations to create collaborative solutions that simplify life. And a positive way of seeing solutions that haven’t yet revealed themselves to the situation at hand. She is an ongoing essential asset to my personal and professional endeavors.
— Jacquie Jordan, Emmy Nominated TV Producer, Author, and Entrepreneur
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Exploring and integrating your values improves well being, raises profits and relieves stress.