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Amy Johnson lives in LA, near the beach with her two free-spirited teenaged daughters and their two small and loud dogs. She wears a variety of colorful hats, but spends much of her time working as an Integrator.

She helps individuals and businesses launch cutting edge creative projects and map the most effectively efficient path to their greatest impact. She works with individuals, budding entrepreneurs, influencers, business owners, start ups, and community forward organizations to transform ideas into visionary realities. Using a collaborative approach with cross functional experience, she has developed a proprietary process called the Clarity Cleanse.

Amy’s unique blend of problem solving and business acumen forged as she rose through the ranks in Hollywood. As an Entertainment Executive at New Line Cinema, she was instrumental in producing and acquiring films at Academy Award winning level.  She has over 30 years experience producing films, theater and entrepreneurial endeavors. 

When Supermodel and Actress Amber Valletta wanted to expand her brand value and venture into the entrepreneurial arena, she turned to Amy to define and implement her ideas. The result was the creation and launch of Master & Muse by Amber Valletta in partnership with international retailer yoox.com. As Executive Director of Master & Muse, Amy and her team brought visibility to 50+ sustainable brands for 5 seasons, doubling revenue each season. With a strong foundation of core values and like-minded strategic partnerships, we catapulted Amber's thought leadership in sustainability, adding new revenue streams for her brand. 

As a result of this successful collaboration, Amy co-founded A2 Films with Amber, which focuses on sustainability through producing film and media projects such as Driving Fashion Forward for Lexus, and Reinventing Power for Sierra Club. Currently, and "Who made your clothes?" PSA for Fashion Revolution. A2 Films is in development on The Changing Room in partnership with The Copenhagen Fashion Summit. 

Amy serves as a CFDA + Lexus Fashion* Initiative, mentor to young fashion brands, and she serves as a board member for the Environmental Media Association.

Through Amy Johnson Company (formerly Personal Producers), Amy uses executive level “best practices” from her work in media, production, sustainability, fashion, and being a mom to help clients integrate their values into all they do, including business and home life - promoting harmony through creative solutions. Amy's helped her clients flow seamlessly between style & substance; home & work; profit & doing good; sustainability &  growth since 2009. 

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